Deep Space Two

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A stunning 68 minute sound healing infused with electronica, taking you on a beautiful journey around the globe.

Available as both an Audio or Video pack, each pack includes the bonus track, Suntara Mix. 

Deep Space Two is an incredible fusion of sound healing, atmospheric electronica and worldly downtempo beats. This session brings together; Suntara's stunning vocals and flute, Joshua Tree's amazing didgeridoo and hand pan, Brioni Faith's atmospheric synths and guest vocal, together with Space Jam's electronic edge, and downtempo beat. The blend is something truly unique and deeply refreshing.

The Suntara Mix is included with both audio and video packs. This is the full 68 minute journey without the beat, for a deeply ambient experience. 

Ideal for meditation, relaxation, yoga, or simply something to unwind and reconnect to. Together with stunning landscapes and nature footage, the video pack is a beautiful journey of both vision and sound. Enjoy!